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“I Effing LOVE This Stuff!!!”

100% Plant-based & Cruelty-free

Organic & Vegan

Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

No Artificial flavorings


“Game Changer
for My Wellness

Our blend is 100% Vegan,

which means No GMO's,

Dairy, or shortcuts, ever.

No Added Sugar,
Erythritol Or Gums,
No Gluten, Or Soy.

Just Good, For You.

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“Did I mention the taste?!?!


“Keeps Me Full Till Lunch!”

Busy folks, we see you!

Virtuoso in the office,

Superstar at home,

EarthChimp is the quick protein fix you’ve been looking for.

Feel better about your nutrition choices.

Feel better about the planet.

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“Great for a quick breakfast or meal replacement!”

Shake it!

...with water or plant milk to enjoy it anywhere, anytime!

Blend it!

...into a smoothie with your fave fruits, greens, veggies etc.

Don’t take it from us… see how
REAL PEOPLE are lovin it!

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Keeps Me

I love a good smoothie! I also love finding the best products or services that will contribute to my (and my family’s) wellness.

@earthchimp made it simple when they created a vegan protein mix that contains clean ingredients with great flavor


Not only does this protein powder have 20g of plant based protein, but it also has digestive enzymes, probiotics AND made with organic fruits.

I can add it to my favorite breakfasts and shakes. I love adding protein to my oatmeal, and this is the perfect powder to do so!

Y’all. Y’ALL ✅👌🌱

I’ve been using @earthchimp protein powder for about a week and have wonderful things to say about it. This plant-based protein is CHECKING OFF BOXES!


•21g Vegan protein per serving


•No added Sugar


•Blends seamlessly

•Humanitarian Cause attached

It’s been a week of us enjoying @earthchimp unsweetened and plain protein shake mix. Here’s what I love about it:

-the ingredients

-the blend-ability

-the texture

-how eco friendly the company is

-the value for quantity

-its vegan protein!

Hello from Ireland!

On the Emerald Isle of Ireland, near the bustling city of Dublin sits a small but very special place called Snowdrop.

Here is where we painstakingly blend our own protein shakes, using the very finest ingredients.

Our Organic Certified shake is 100% plant-based and vegan.

Better choices.

Better planet.

Which one will you choose?


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(4,200 Reviews)

Plain &

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We’re on a mission to help fix our planet.

For every purchase we will:

Plant a tree, through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Donate 10% of our packaging costs towards ocean cleanups.

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