Savor the Sweetness: Organic Vegan Banana Split Milkshake Recipe! 🍌

🕥 Prep time: 3 min | 🥣 Serving: 1 Recipe by: @diredelites

Hey there, milkshake enthusiasts!

Craving a guilt-free delight that's as delicious as it is wholesome? Try our Organic Vegan Banana Split Milkshake, crafted by the talented @diredelites. This divine blend features the creamy richness of organic, plant-based vanilla oat milk ice cream, the sweetness of a frozen banana, and a dash of @earthchimp choco for that irresistible chocolatey bliss.

Mixed with unsweetened almond milk and a hint of organic vanilla extract, this protein-packed treat is a perfect guilt-free indulgence.



1 frozen banana

2 scoops vanilla oat milk ice cream

8 oz. unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop EarthChimp choco

1 tsp vanilla extract

6-8 ice cubes


Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Top with dairy-free whipped cream, chocolate, chopped peanuts, and a cherry for an extra delightful touch!

Give it a try!

Don't forget to share your delightful creations with us on IG by tagging@EarthChimp.We can't wait to see how you enjoy this heavenly milkshake!

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